Tastes Like Chicken

Saturday, March 10, 2001
_Electronic noses
Giving computers the ability to find out what tastes like chicken.

Friday, March 09, 2001
_Tastes Like Chicken...
But Why Did Dinner Glow After A Carolina Family Ate It?

Tuesday, March 06, 2001
_Towing Cars on the Graveyard Shift
A peek into the life of a graveyard shift tow truck operator, compelling in much the same way as the night cabbie's articles are.

_MIT's shrine to clever pranks to close
"The phone booth placed atop the Great Dome in 1982... rang when a police officer approached to begin removing it."
While still in college, I ran into a high school friend of mine at a store and when asked about social life at Harvard, he said that it was fine, but our mutual buddy over at MIT had it great, because MIT has frats...

Coolio. An article, with just enough technical detail to tantalize the imagination, about the phenomenon of supercavitation, wherein all but the leading tip of a solid object under water is encased in a gas bubble formed and maintained in part by the high speeds of the craft. Submarines employing this may be capable of supersonic travel underwater. There has been speculation that the Kursk, the Russian sub that exploded and sank fairly recently, was testing supercavitating torpedoes. Additionally, this article discusses the technique in relation to exploring the seas on Jupiter's moon Europa.

_Ritual Slaughter is such a hassle
The clash between modernity and the Muslim tradition of sacrificing a sheep or cow annually.

A community elder wielded a freshly sharpened knife nearly as long as his arm. A massive black and white bull was led into the hard-packed yard. Sixteen panting men pulled his feet from under him and left him heaving on his side.

"Wrong direction!" shouted the elder. "The head must face this way," toward the holy city of Mecca. Men and bull struggled. Two restless heifers, next in line for sacrifice, stood nearby, their faces discreetly draped with cloth to prevent them from seeing what was to come. Women and children leaned out every window of the adjacent four-story apartment building.

The men bent over the bull in a moment of prayer. The elder raised the knife. A child on the second-floor balcony buried his face in his hands. A teenage girl one floor above him covered one eye and peeped out the other through her fingers.

Said Ismet Karmil, 49: "I can't look. Too much blood gets to me."
I also liked the part about taking a sheep up to ninth floor of your downtown apartment building and slaughtering it in your bathroom. Good stuff, almost as yummy as the Fast Food Nation excerpts and mad cow risk explorations. No, I take it back, what Anglos do and did to cows is much oogier, just more organized.

Monday, March 05, 2001
_It was never just about tennis
A long and engrossing profile of John McEnroe and the forces that drive him.
“He was the most difficult player to play against,” the recently retired Becker told me, “because it was always personal with him. It was never just about tennis.” Says Pat Cash, “The rule book was like 100 pages long. By the time McEnroe retired it was like 250. It’s phenomenal how many rules they had to bring in for him.”
Side note: employment looms, and change along with it.

Sunday, March 04, 2001
_Dr. Says Cat Allergy Cured by LSD
One of my favorite movies is Fearless.