Tastes Like Chicken

Monday, June 17, 2002

I wanna be that cool when I grow up!

_Punks versus Yuppies drinking game olympics
Tired of bullshit poseur sniping? Make em' drink together until they can't see straight:
Cummings posted a message that day on the Web site's events board, proposing a Marina-Mission "drinking Olympics" with such events as a "Zima vs. Olde English" contest in which the two groups chugged their signature beverages. He expected to be ignored. Instead, he has been deluged with e-mails, from sponsorship offers to event suggestions. (One correspondent wanted to give spray paint to yuppies and calculators to punks for a tagging versus basic accounting contest. Another suggested an "SUV versus '60s vintage car race" and a "fake tans versus tats" (comparison of bronzers and tattoos). Media inquiries came in from Seattle, Toronto, Britain and Omaha.

"There were just all these obvious conflicts," he said, "and I just wanted to see people get along. I know it sounds like a bad '80s film, but I thought, 'We should duke this out on the drinking table instead of bashing each other.' Also I thought it would be cool if I could get a kind of poor-boy-meets-rich-girl date out of it."
Allright, that's a sentiment I can get behind.

( don't tell anyone, but I hear you can log into the site with metafilter/metafilter )

_Through the Eyes of Autism
Reserachers used eye tracking technology to track where on a movie screen people concentrate during intense emotional exchanges in the movie. Most people track on the eyes, while autistics track on the mouths.

Interesting. Every now and then I've noticed focusing on the mouths of people that are being seriously antagonistic. Maybe I was using it as a technique for forcing an emotional distance from someone that was really getting on my nerves. Hmm...

_Mmm, that's good goat semen!
Come on, how many chances at that kind of lead-in am I gonna get?

The New York Times recently ran this simultaneously oogy and fascinating piece on transgenic goats, goats genetically modified to produce spider silk in their milk, cheaply and pretty easily. The silk is amazing stuff, stronger than steel, and could allow for the creation of whole new classes of products, but still, it is more than a little weird.


Cheesy, and it won't stick around long 'cuz Yahoo expires content, but as ephemeral pleasures go, that at ain't too shabby.