Tastes Like Chicken

Thursday, August 29, 2002
_Animatronic Hello Kitty USB Hub
Oh yes, it really will type along with your typing and talk to you, in your choice of English or Japanese. Or you can just let it play with its own screensaver.

And to think that I was worried about what to get Nisa and Rick for their wedding...

Too fucking funny. It's a scan of the three-page invitation to P. Diddy's MTV after-party, including dress code and grooming instructions. Don't forget to wax the curlies, ladies, and remember to RSVP at (212) 381-2002.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002
_They are serious about security at the US Open

Storm, a bomb sniffing dog with the New York Police Department, wears a credential badge prior to the start of matches at the U.S. Open in Flushing, New York, August 26, 2002.

_"Specialist in Suicide/Homicide/Unattended Death Clean-Up."
So you've got an active little business cleaning up traumatic death settings. How exactly do you market your outfit? Relying on that yellow pages listing under "carpet care" isn't going to hack it. Hmm, maybe billboards of sad young people holding teddy bears and doing the thousand-yard stare...

_An 18-foot-wide vending machine in DC
"Bottles of olive oil and milk, cartons of eggs, chicken sandwiches, paper towels, detergent, diapers, pantyhose, toothpaste, condoms, [and] DVD's." They're calling it a 7-11 in a box. Weird.

Equally wierd is that the machine, the only one in America, is in the Washington Post's back yard, but I'm reading about in the NY Times, after finding the link at Slashdot.

UPDATE: Two days later, the Post wakes up to the story. Their angle: NIMBYism. About a vending machine? Whatever.

Another take from Reuters.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002