Tastes Like Chicken

Saturday, September 21, 2002
_The only way to do this right is to steal the whole thing from Flutterby
The headline reads "Tiger attacks boy at school". Reading a little further we find that it happened at an assembly at the Baymonte Christian School in Scotts Valley. so, let me get this straight: Someone brought a tiger into an auditorium full of Christians? Who thought that was a good idea? Someone who slept through the whole history of Rome, I'm sure.

Thursday, September 19, 2002
_How to make your Civic go 140 mph

A friend of Gasson’s had just purchased a Short Brothers Skyvan cargo plane in 1996 and on a whim asked the parachutists, “Want to throw out a car?”

Gasson, who is known for leaping from planes without wearing his parachute (he’s done this 16 times, taking a mid-air parachute handoff from a fellow ’chutist), rode in the first car from the beginning of its freefall. “It’s very surreal, it’s like you’re in a dream.

The windshield blocks the noise, and you are floating around up there with the world moving by you on all sides.” He and other skydivers who accompany the cars take turns behind the wheel, “driving” for the first two miles—or 60 seconds—bailing out and pulling their chutes as the cars hurtle the last few thousand feet—and 10 seconds or so—to the ground.
Once again, stolen from Gimboland. That guy is on fire.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002
_"Power corrupts. PowerPoint corrupts absolutely." -- Edward Tufte

UPDATE: Weird. One day after posting this I was snail-mail spammed by him for a seminar in DC, and this quote was the first time time I'd been aware of his name.

_Ocean Sand, Bahamas

At that site, click the image for a larger version.

_LA Babies Get Lifetime's Toxic Air in 2 Weeks
A two-week-old baby in the Los Angeles area has already been exposed to more toxic air pollution than the U.S. government deems acceptable as a cancer risk over a lifetime, according to a report on Monday by an environmental campaign group.

The study of air pollution in California by the National Environmental Trust also said that even if a young child moved away from California, or if the air had been cleaned up by the time he or she reached adulthood, "the potential (cancer) risk that a child rapidly accumulates in California from simply breathing will not go away."

Monday, September 16, 2002

_Adobe's own online PDF converter
Whoopass. Find a PDF online, stick the URL in the form, get the HTML conversion back out. Check out the advanced form for more options.

Hmm, looking at the output now, it looks like Google's converter is actually better. Search for the document via URL and then pick "view as HTML." Much better layout. Don't bother hacking the URL, though--it won't render random documents it hasn't seen before for you. For that you'll have to stick to Adobe's.