Tastes Like Chicken

Friday, November 14, 2003
_A TiVo that can output to standard DVDs (NYT)

Make it cost $500 for at least a year of full-tilt TiVo (instead of ~$900) and I'll give it serious consideration. Until then, fuhgedaboutit.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

_It's like The Ring--I have to make other people listen to it or it will NEVER get out of my head.

_When Wyoming Seminary comes a' callin':
Just received the BEST school donation solicitation I ever got! A current student from my old high school left me a message at home today saying [in total, drugged out, slow-voiced monotone]: "Hi, this is Amy [Blah Blah] from the Wyoming Seminary Annual Fund. I am calling to request a small donation for the fund this year. You can call us at [blah blah blah] or write to us at [blah blah blah blah]. Also. [paper shuffling] Um, also. [pause, shuffling] We will be sending you . . . a pamphlet . . . or a brochure . . . or maybe a pamphlet . . . [laughing, losing monotone] oh, fuck, I'm sorry, I've been doing this all night all night and I'm a zombie now. Look, give us money, don't give us money. Whatever. We'll send you a pamphlet or something in the mail." [click]

Hee. I *love* Amy Blah Blah. I think I will send them some money!